Guess the Stat - The game

Welcome to "Guess The Statistics," the game that will test your knowledge of the world!

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The concept of this exciting game is based on your ability to guess which data each card corresponds to. You will be confronted with a variety of random subjects, thus testing your analytical sense and knowledge in various fields.


The cards presented in "Guess The Statistics" cover a wide range of themes, allowing you to deepen your knowledge while having fun. Whether it's global statistics, country-specific data, or unusual information, each card has been carefully selected to offer you a captivating gaming experience.

Explore astonishing data

We live in a world filled with astonishing data, but how many of us are truly capable of associating each card with the correct information? "Guess The Statistics" has gathered a collection of unique cards representing statistics and information that you would have never imagined!

Test your analytical sense

The principle of the game is simple: by analyzing colors, differences between countries or geographical regions, you must find the corresponding answer to the displayed card through elimination.

As you progress in the game, the cards will become increasingly difficult, allowing you to score more points and put your skills to the test.